Education for equity and social justice: Newcomer center

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This presentation will focus on the creation, development, and implementation of a Newcomer Center for immigrant students within a large North Texas school district. Topics discussed will be: funding, eligibility, criteria, curricular programs, specialized staff, and community out reach/partnerships. Objectives: To promote academic sucess for immigrant students, build language proficiency in English, provide community resources for family literacy, and to establish partnerships with community organizations. Content: Due to the demographic changes in the state of Texas and its impact on public schools, a statement of need was presented to the district administrators for the establishment of a Newcomer Center. The presenter will share creative ways of attaining funding for a Newcomer Center. She will describle the implementation of a curricular program, which is designed to promote academic sucess regardless of previous educational experiences. Also, explain students eligibility and exit criteria fo the Newcomer program. Most critically, she will share the struggles for specialized staff. The presenter will conclude by highlighting the importance of establishing community partnerships and outreach networks for the continue growth of a Newcomer Center.
Apresentado no Círculos de Discussão Temática - Exclusão.Inclusão II, no IV Encontro Internacional do Fórum Paulo Freire, realizado na cidade do Porto em Portugal, durante os dias 19 e 22 de setembro de 2004.
CARMAN, Heloiza