Paulo Freire, Education and transformative Social Justice Learning

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Freire addresses a serious dilemma of democracy, the constitution of democratic citizenship. He suggested in the sixties a model of diversity and crossing borders in education which became a central tenet in the discussion of transformative social justice learning. As a social, political and pedagogical practice, transformative social justice learning will take place when people reach a deeper, richer, more textured understanding of themselves and of their world and when they are prepared to act uponthis new understanding. Based on the normative assumptions of critical theory that most social exchanges involve a relationship of domination, and that language transformative social justice learning attempts to recreate the various symbols, and taboos in education and society seeking to understand and transform social agency and structures.
Apresentado nos Painéis Dialógicos - Painel A - Sociedade Multicultural, no IV Encontro Internacional do Fórum Paulo Freire, realizado na cidade do Porto em Portugal, durante os dias 19 e 22 de setembro de 2004.
TORRES, Carlos Alberto